Statement of Purpose

In order to promote diversity and academic excellence, the QSI International School of Ljubljana offers scholarships to children who would otherwise not have the opportunity to attend the QSI International School of Ljubljana.

Scholarship Guidelines
  1. QSI Ljubljana Scholarship Policy strictly adheres to QSI HQ’s Scholarship Policy Guidelines and within the framework allowed by this policy for the determination on awarding scholarships for QSI Ljubljana.
  2. Scholarships are meant to be given only to those families/children who demonstrate:
    1. Excellent prior academic achievements
    2. Strong written and oral English skills
    3. A desire to become involved in school life outside of the classroom
    4. Adaptability to a new environment
    5. Financial need
    6. Scholarships will not be offered to families whose school fees are fully funded by agencies, sponsors, employers, or institutions
  3. Full and partial scholarships are awarded depending on need and available funds
  4. Scholarships can be given to students from the 5-year old class to the Secondary IV class
  5. The amount of funds that can be allotted for school fee reductions for scholarships cannot exceed 10% of the amount of fees invoiced for full-fee paying student. This does not include Capital Fund or pre-school fees
  6. The decision to grant and/or revoke a scholarship will be made by the QSI International School of Ljubljana Advisory Board
  7. Students, who have their scholarship revoked, have the opportunity to continue their studies at the QSI International School of Ljubljana as full paying students.
The criteria to determine whether or not a child will be granted a scholarship may include the following:
  1. The applicable class year of the child according to where the best transition for the general QSI student body is for that particular year.
  2. Tests will be administered by the school designed to gauge academic ability and predict the success of the student in the school. These tests will be administered in the following areas: Mathematics and English-language proficiency (written expression, reading comprehension, and verbal expression). QSI will administer these tests.
  3. Assessment of parental and/or extended family support for the child’s academic achievement.
  4. Family’s financial situation, as provided in the application form
  5. Teacher and self-evaluation, as provided in the application form.
The Director of the QSI International School of Ljubljana will:
  1. Ensure all teachers are aware of and follow the Academic Scholarship Policy adopted by the QSI International School of Ljubljana Advisory Board.
  2. The school will advertise the Scholarship program throughout the community, including the school’s webpage. The advertisement will begin no later than April 15 for the following academic year.
  3. Compile a list of potential scholarship candidates and families to be interviewed.
  4. Arrange for the testing using the criteria established by the Advisory Board.
  5. By May 8 provide a short list of potential scholarship candidates, with supporting documents, to the Advisory Board. All applications, including those not interviewed or tested, will be provided to the Advisory Board for review.
  6. Provide their recommendation to the Advisory Board for each prospective candidate.
  7. If requested by the Advisory Board, test and interview scholarship applicants not on the short list provided to the Board (i.e., those applicants not interviewed or tested).
  8. Facilitate interviews for short-listed scholarship candidates and their parents and/or guardians by the Advisory Board.
  9. By May 10 notify all potential candidates regarding the decision of the Advisory Board.
  10. Obtain signed agreements regarding scholarship guidelines from all scholarship recipients.
  11. Provide written notification, to parents of students, who do not meet the criteria for scholarship renewal within 5 working days after being notified by the Advisory Board.
The QSI International School of Ljubljana Advisory Board will:
  1. By May 8 review the short list and interview potential candidates to determine which student(s) will be awarded a scholarship.
  2. Review scholarship policy for next school year.
For selected scholarship students, the Ljubljana QSI Director will:
  1. Establish guidelines for monitoring the academic and behavioral performance of scholarship students.
  2. Meet with the scholarship students at the beginning of the school year to discuss guidelines and how the student’s behavior and academic performance will be monitored.
  3. Monitor the behavior and academic performance of the scholarship students.
  4. Meet with the scholarship students and their parents/guardians as needed to discuss their progress. These meetings will be documented by the school and retained in the student’s record.
  5. Provide assistance for students who are having academic difficulties to the extent necessary and appropriate.
  6. Provide the Advisory Board a written report on the progress of scholarship students at the end of each term.


Renewal of a student’s scholarship for the next academic year of student is not automatic. Scholarship recipients must reapply every year. In addition, scholarship renewal is annually dependent upon the student meeting all of the following criteria throughout the academic year. Failure by the student to meet the criteria will result in loss of his/her scholarship upon the end of the academic year, or before as indicated below.

Academic Excellence

The student must maintain “Academic Excellence” by:

  1. Having an overall average of 70% “A's” at the end of the school year.
    1. Receiving a “B” in an Advanced Placement (AP) courses has no effect on the percentage of “A’s” received.
    2. If the student fails to meet the “Academic Excellence” criteria by the end of the academic year, his/her scholarship may be revoked.
    3. Complete Essential and Selective Units in a timely manner
Social Excellence

The student must maintain “Social Excellence” by:

  1. Receiving no “Ns” on two quintile status reports for any individual success orientation.
  2. Receiving no more than one “N” per quintile on any status report.
  3. Remain in good standing throughout the school year and conform to the behavioral expectations set forth in the QSI Ljubljana Student Handbook.
  4. Refrain from cheating or plagiarizing. The school administration will inform the Advisory Board of scholarship students cheating or plagiarizing. The Advisory Board will review the situation and may revoke the student’s scholarship or take other appropriate action such as placing the student’s scholarship on probation.
  5. Participate in at least one school-sponsored extracurricular activity throughout the course of the year.

The student will maintain his/her “Attendance” by:

  1. Being absent no more than ten (10) times per school year.
  2. Providing written justification for more than ten (10) absences per school year.
  3. Applying to the Advisory Board for special consideration due to extended absences if he/she wishes to have their scholarship renewed.
Parent Involvement

Parents of scholarship students will be expected to support the school and be an active participant in their child’s educational endeavours. Examples are:

  1. Attend Parent/Teacher Conferences
  2. Sports Activities
  3. Music/Drama Productions
  4. Parent Support Group (PSG) Meetings
  5. Sponsoring After-School Activities
  6. Chaperoning School Field Trips
If you would like to apply for the Scholarship, please provide your email to receive the Scholarship Application Form.

If you received the Scholarship in 2018-2019 and would like to renew Scholarship for 2019-2020 please provide your email to receive the Scholarship Renewal Form.